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Tax optimization involves the development of mechanisms that help reduce taxation. The whole procedure is carried out strictly within the framework of the current legislation. The benefits, exemptions granted, allow for a few percent reduction in tax. Functions of legal procedure The main function of tax optimization is first and foremost a significant reduction in the tax rate. Besides, you can reduce the risk of penalties and minimize possible risk factors. Competent lawyers manage to get a deferral in the process of paying off tax payments to their clients. Types of tax optimization There are currently several types of tax optimization. The most common types of law practice are the following. 1. By type of taxation (consider VAT, as well as taxes on income or property, income of individuals, the SAT (i.e. single social tax), etc.). 2. Depending on the nature of the activity. For the bank and the point of sale, the optimization method will be fundamentally different. 3. By type of entity (entrepreneur, firm, small / medium / large enterprises).

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