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Registration of the trademark provides for the legal fixing of the unique letter name, symbols, proper names, emblems. A two-dimensional or three-dimensional graphic element may also be present. The use of common words or symbols is prohibited. Why do you need to register a trademark? Registration of a commercial brand gives the entrepreneur several opportunities. 1. Protection of property and products from the influence of competitors. 2. Assigning a .ua domain to allow for multi-level sales activities, expand the sales market. 3. Prospects for entering the international arena with subsequent registration of the trademark in the international system (following the norms of the Madrid Agreement). How the procedure is performed To register a trademark, one must contact a specialized institution. Initially, the staff will carry out a check on the uniqueness of the nome or character, prepare the required package of documents, make a further clearance. If successful, the owner of the enterprise will be issued a certified certificate of the TM registration, which will confirm the legality of the activity under the assigned TM. Trademark registration costs 100 euro. Duty for each class 4 000 UAH.

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