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Ukrainian IT market is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe and shows a very promising future. A big number of outsourcing and product companies, as well as start-ups are responsible for booming tech sector and great potential of Ukrainian software engineering. The government supports the IT sphere and is interested in attracting foreign professionals to Ukraine by introducing the immigration quotas for IT specialists. Among the advantages of our country are high salary, only 5% tax rate for IT, low prices, and of course tasty national food, good climate and beautiful nature. Immigrating within the quota means no need to be tied to a specific company or work position, freedom of employment, possibility of individual entrepreneur or company registration, freedom of travel from and to Ukraine, priority right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. Sounds interesting? Check your eligibility below. Documents required for obtaining an immigration permit ● application; ● 3 photographs (3,5 x 4,5 cm); ● copy of applicant’s passport; ● document certifying applicant’s residence; ● document certifying that an applicant is not afflicted with chronic alcoholism, toxic substance or drug abuse, active tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases (such as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis A, B, C etc.). This statement of good health may also be obtained in one of the Ukrainian medical institutions. certificate about absence of convictions issued by the competent authority of the applicant’s country of former residence or its diplomatic mission in Ukraine; ● proven work experience in IT (over 5 years). ● Cybersecurity manager: over 7 years of work experience in IT including at least 4 years of work experience in lower management. ● Senior developer: over 7 years of work experience in IT including at least 4 years of work experience on a senior position. ● CTO: over 8 years of work experience in IT including at least 5 years of work experience in management. ● Bachelor’s degree OR Master’s degree OR Doctoral degree in math/computer studies. ● Only for a senior position: Master’s degree OR Doctoral degree in math/computer studies. ● Only for a cybersecurity manager: Bachelor’s degree in any field of studies. ● Only for cybersecurity positions: certificate of general secondary education. ● Only for cybersecurity positions: one of the certificates CISSP, CISA, CISM, ITIL Master, CompTIA Security+. ● MIT certificate ( – additional document, not necessary. ● Confirmation of payment of the state duty. Documents must be translated into Ukrainian, certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of issue and legalized (Alter LLC will provide its help in this matter). Application review period: 4-6 months upon submission of the application. Validity period: one year upon issuance date of the immigration permit. After obtaining an immigration permit, the applicant must apply for a permanent residence permit. Documents required for obtaining a permanent residence permit ● application; ● applicant’s passport with visa type “D” and its copy; ● ID document of legal representative and document confirming powers of a person as a legal representative, in case of submitting of documents by such person and its copy; ● Ukrainian translation of pages of applicant’s passport containing personal data, notarized; ● copy of the decision on granting the immigration permit; ● confirmation of payment of the administrative service fee and state duty. Application review period: less than 1 working day. Validity period: 10 years (subject to future exchange). Residence permit allows you to reside and work legally in Ukraine and enjoy all rights granted by the Constitution to the citizens (except for the right to vote, hold office in the state institutions and perform military service). Got any questions? Contact Alter LLC and we will help you out.

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