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You have the desire to run a business without founding a legal entity and to profit from it. If such activity is of a systematic nature, then you need to organize such activity in a legally proper manner. Registration of a natural person-entrepreneur is one of the simplest organizational and legal forms of conducting business in Ukraine. We can assist you with lawyers in this matter. Registration of a natural person-entrepreneur has several advantages over the creation of a legal entity. These include: - a simpler registration procedure; - an ability to maintain a sophisticated accounting system (for example, to keep a record of income and expenses in a user-friendly way or to record just an income in view of the tax system chosen by the natural person-entrepreneur); - an ability to apply simplified taxation; - a simpler procedure of stop business activity; - a lack of a large amount of reporting, namely: no need to draw up an annual balance sheet, financial statement, statistical reporting, simplified tax reporting; - a possibility of accounting independently without the services of an accountant. Only a Ukrainian citizen's passport and taxpayer’s identification card are required to register a natural person-entrepreneur. In addition, before registering you need to decide on economic activities (EA). The list of EAs is established by the current legislation of Ukraine. You also need to choose the tax system under which you will pay your taxes. There are two taxation systems for a natural person-entrepreneur: a simplified and a general one. If you opt for a general system, the EA will not play a special role for you, it is enough to indicate some of them, and you can also engage in other activities that were not specified at registration. However, if you plan to pay taxes in the simplified taxation system, then it is necessary to identify the EAs clearly. You will be running a business in compliance with them since the simplified taxation system applies only to the EAs that you defined at the time of registration. It should be noted that in the future it is always possible to make changes and add the desired EA. The registration of a natural person-entrepreneur with us takes 1-3 days to be included in the state tax office. The cost of the registration of a natural person-entrepreneur who pays reduced tax is 1000 UAH.

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