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Do you need to go to court and want to have confidence in the success of this case? The main thing when applying to court is a well-written, legally speaking, statement of claim. This aspect is fundamental because it is the statement of claim that substantiates your position, it sets out the essence of the violation of your rights and interests, which further determines the success of the defense of your rights in the lawsuit. It is on the basis of the claim that the court assesses the situation and decides on the merits of the case. Writing a lawsuit is not a difficult matter, as it requires special knowledge and experience, and legal education. If you do not take into account all the peculiarities and rules of the applicable law, or you go to the wrong court, you will not only lose time due to procedural delays associated with the refusal to accept the claim, but also the risk of losing the legal opportunity to restore the violated rights. We offer our assistance in performing complex work: preparation and filing of a claim in a court of any instance and jurisdiction. So, here are the main highlights in the statement of claim: 1. Studying the case and analysis of its circumstances. Important information for the court is systematized, the preparation of relevant documents, the circumstances are clarified. Only on the basis of a full examination of the circumstances of the case, we start to develop a claim. 2. Formation of evidence base: collection of documents, preparation of inquiries, examination, written evidence, analysis of documentation, and obtaining information from other sources (public authorities, etc.). 3. Drawing up a lawsuit: a direct statement of the circumstances of the case, a statement of the plaintiff's position, a clear indication of the rules of the law, which were violated, the statement and justification of the requirements. 4. Preparation of annexes to the claim: photocopy of the application and all documents attached thereto. 5. Payment of court fees. 6. Filing a claim in court. 7. Control over the motion of the claim: our lawyers check that the application is accepted by the court and, subsequently, the proceedings are initiated. Of course, each person can prepare a particular document on a sample or template, but in each case, it is better to approach this process differently. Each case is a feature of a particular legal relationship, specific circumstances, and separate litigation, which is governed by a particular procedural code. Our specialists approach each application individually, taking into account all the necessary components. A lawsuit filed by a professional lawyer is a document that strongly strengthens your position, helps to bring the key circumstances of the case to the attention of the court, and creates the prerequisites for resolving the case in your favor.

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