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Permanent Residence Permit is a document confirming the right of a foreigner or stateless person to permanent residence in the country. In Ukraine, foreign nationals can obtain a permanent residence permit on the basis of an immigration permit. It should be noted that according to the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration", citizens of foreign states who have obtained a permanent residence permit are equal in their rights to citizens of Ukraine. Among them are the following: - the right to education; - the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship; - the right to employment without additional permits; - the right to a pension, etc. To obtain a permanent residence permit, you must: 1) Collect the necessary documents; 2) Contact the territorial unit of the State Migration Service of Ukraine at the place of residence; 3) Apply together with your passport and necessary documents; 4) Obtain a certificate from the State Migration Service of Ukraine at the place of residence; Cost of service: 1) a state fee of 85 UAH. 2) the cost of administrative services in the amount of 253,0 UAH. 3) the cost of the form is 30,0 or 55,50 or 66,0 UAH. Documents to be filed: 1) Application (submitted in person); 2) Foreigner's passport or citizenship ID (is given back upon presentation) and a copy thereof; 3) Translation of the page of a passport of a foreigner or an ID of a stateless person with personal data in the prescribed manner in Ukrainian; 4) A copy of the decision to grant an immigration permit; 5) Receipt on payment of the state duty or a document confirming the existence of privileges for its payment; 6) Receipt for payment for the service; 7) Four photos of a foreigner and a stateless person measuring 3.5X4.5 centimeters (on matte paper); 8) A copy of the certificate issued by the tax authority on the assignment of the identification number (if any); Until January 1, 2018 (before the issuance of IDU permanent residence permits), the period of registration of the certificate is 7 days (according to Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Immigration"). Issuance cost is 600 EUR

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