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Some types of business activities require licenses, such as medicine, cosmetology, media, hunting, fishing, sales of certain products, etc. Certificates must be obtained from a reputable law firm that registers all data following applicable law. The mechanism of obtaining licenses and permits To receive the documents, you must first check if they are necessary for your activity. Every year legislation is being updated with new items that can be guided by a competent lawyer. Legal support must be provided at all stages of obtaining a license so as not to miss important subtleties and not fall victim to criminal penalties. Services of professionals Services for obtaining licenses and permits are carried out in the following stages: ● Processing the client's request for a license (permit) to carry out the relevant business activities; ● Competent advice to the client on the availability of the necessary documents; ● Preparation of documents for obtaining a license (permit); ● Submission of documents to the licensing authority and control of their motion through the services; ● Obtain a ready-made license (permit).

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