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To apply for a temporary residence permit, a foreigner or a stateless person shall submit: 1. the passport or identity document of a foreigner or a stateless person with a D type visa, unless otherwise provided by law and international treaties of Ukraine (upon return) and a copy thereof; 2. a document certifying the identity of the legal representative and a document confirming the authority of the person as a legal representative (in case of submission of documents by a legal representative) (original documents are returned after the presentation, copies are filed); 3. Ukrainian translation of the passport of the foreigner or the document certifying the stateless person, with personal data, certified in accordance with the procedure established by law; 4. a valid health insurance policy and a copy thereof; 5. a document confirming payment of the administrative fee or a document on an exemption from payment of the fee (the original is returned after the presentation; a copy is filed); 6. permission to employ foreigners. The original of the document is returned to the foreigner or stateless person, and the application form is enclosed with a copy, certified by an employee of the territorial body / territorial subdivision of the State Migration Service, authorized by marking “According to the original” and a sign indicating their position, name, and surname give; 15 working days Cost of service is 500 EUR including costs Registration fee is 150 EUR per year\nREAL ESTATE AT THE CONSTRUCTION STAGE Given the significant demand, the real estate market is developing rapidly enough, many residential complexes and non-residential premises are being built to provide the market with various offers. At the same time, construction is a complex process that includes many factors that directly affect the progress of construction and its successful completion by putting the facility into operation and registering property rights. When we mention buying a home in a new building, we mean buying an apartment or other real estate, the title documents for which are not ready yet and there is also no registration of ownership of the property. In this regard, investing in an object of construction in progress, it is necessary to comprehensively and fully analyze and check for risks of such an object. It is a high-quality and comprehensive audit that will provide the investor with guarantees for profitable investment of funds and receipt of the finished object with all the necessary permits and title documents after a certain time. Inspection of the investment object by our specialists includes a set of measures that can be systematized as follows: · Checking seller’s rights to real estate; · Analysis of permits for construction work; · Checking the rights to the land; · Legal analysis of the legal status of the developer; · Analysis of legal risks that may be faced by the developer from whom you want to purchase real estate; · Collection of information, verification of court cases and enforcement proceedings on the developer in Kiev; · Verification of the seller’s authority to conclude a transaction; · Analysis of the conditions of the investment contract for compliance with the interests of the client; · Analysis of existing risks for the client; · Consultation, search for the optimal solution in the interests of the client; · Written opinion of a lawyer / advocate regarding the purchase of real estate in Kiev; · Legal support for concluding an agreement with a notary and / or developer; · Minimization of risks arising from the conclusion of the transaction; · Control over settlements; · Control and analysis of received documents after the conclusion of the transaction. It is the results of verification of all key points when buying property rights to a construction object and/or its part that minimize the risks of significant material losses of the buyer or even makes the buyer refuse to invest in this particular object. The lawyers of our company have been specializing in this area for more than 7 years and provide a comprehensive service when buying real estate. The cost of services is from 200 EUR Opening a pharmacy and obtaining a license for retail or wholesale of medicines.

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