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Permission to employ foreigners is necessary if the company wants to use the work of a foreigner in any position. In particular, such a permit is necessary for the foreign-founder to be able to work as a director in their enterprise. It is worth remembering that since November 21, 2018, you can obtain a permit not only by contacting the Kyiv City Employment Center but also by applying to the administrative services center, regardless of the place of incorporation. Notice: «On basis of work permit, non-resident can apply for temporal residency permit on term of 1 or 3 years». To obtain a permit to employ foreigners, you must have the following documents: 1. Application in the prescribed form; 2. One-color photo card 3,5x4,5; 3. Copies of the foreigner's passport with a translation into Ukrainian prescribed by law; 4. A copy of the draft employment contract (agreement) with a foreigner, certified by the employer. Term of preparation 10 days. The cost of the permit is 175 EUR The 1-year issuance fee is 8108 UAH, 3-year one is 12 600 UAH.

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