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Customs taxes are the amounts charged to the state budget for goods transported through the national customs service. This taxation is in many ways the main source of income at the state level. These rules regulate international trade and respect their interests. What are the customs taxes? Customs taxes may vary on several grounds. Thus, according to the direction of goods the following types can be considered. 1. Import. This means that goods that are imported into the country from abroad are subject to taxation. Imported goods are more expensive, which stimulates the development of national production. 2. Export. Such taxes levy products that are exported. These measures help to balance the economy and assist local businesses. 3. Transit. They are necessary when the goods go through the country to a third country. The need for paying taxes Thus, customs taxes are a mandatory process in the framework of international trade. They are necessary for maintaining the economic situation in the country and stimulating its own production, as well as for the fruitful development of international relations.

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