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ALTER is a law firm that helps with solving various legal issues.
We provide legal and accounting services for businesses and individuals.
The ALTER team analyzes the questions of clients and partners altogether and, as a result, offers alternatives for solving issues.

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Our services

Financial services

Financial Compliance of Companies and FOP Accounting Support Financial Audit with the involvement of partners

Migration Services

Certificate of permanent residence; certificate of temporary residence

Corporate issues

Registration of LLC; Registration of NGO; Registration of TM; Registration of PE; development of bilingual contracts; preparation of tender documentation; development of contracts and agreements; preparation and filing a lawsuit.

Crypto currency and ICO

Development of Whitepaper; choice of jurisdiction for the ICO; support of transactions on sale of crypto currency


Choice of the taxation system; VAT; transfer pricing; double taxation; tax optimization; customs taxes

Public procurement

Analysis of tender documentation; instruction of licenses and permits; receipt of expert opinion of institutions; preparation of tender documentation; participation and support in public procurement

Our partners and clients


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